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Wznieś swoje personalne i profesjonalne życie na wyższy poziom

Luiza Chrzanowska MBA

Personal, Leadership and Executive Coach
Team Coach and Faciliator


Are you in transition? Do you want to improve or change your current professional or personal situation?

Do you feel like you are stuck and need a change, but you do not know where to start?

So you want to improve your current personal or professional situation and level it up where you want it to be?

Are you aspiring towards a new career (new job, new position, promotion) and would like to enter prepared?

Are you seeking clarity about your future and about making concrete decisions and actions for an inspired change?

Do you want to stop waiting, procrastinating and worrying and instead start to see the desired changes happen?

Then you are in the right place!

The first step is commitment to yourself! For the rest partner with me to make the change happen and turn intensions into intentional steps that will move you forward and find solutions that suit you the best.

Imagine having someone…

… to listen to and hear you. To support you during a time of change. To connect dots between mind and heat. To help you to move towards what you want. To challenge you to see things from different perspectives. To have more insights into your situation. To encourage you to (re)discover and use your inner wisdom and talents to deal with the challenges you are facing. And to cheer you on down this road!



I’m Luiza

I am Personal, Leadership and Executive Coach supporting people and organisations in their transformation and growth.

I am passionate about people daring to follow their dreams, standing in their calling and purpose, and using their talents to grow and live a life filled with passion. I am passionate about you, your dreams and your growth.

I am passionate about organisations knowing and appreciating their teams. I am passionate about helping them navigate through times of change and develop motivated and committed members. I am passionate about your company, its strength and growth.

Let’s talk!


What I Do

1-on-1 Personal & Career Coaching

I will help you to get clarity and motivation, to channel your wisdom, energy and confidence to overcome challenges and work toward your career, life and professional goals.

Leadership coaching program

Help individuals learn and sharpen their leadership skills and grow professionally.
Work with companies and organizations wanting to equip their managers and employees with coaching and leadership skills to drive change within a team, department, or the company as a whole.


Workshops and Training

If you are interested in providing inspired and motivating training or workshop to the wider audience please check the list of possible topics.

What my clients say?

Inka K., European Demand Manager

„It was a privilege to be coached by Luiza. In a moment of change in my work life, she helped me through coaching to see what I really wanted, i.e., why, what were my priorities and how to achieve the goals I set for myself. Although working life related, together we also touched upon what is important in the work and private life balance. Luiza guided me through this. She helped me to see solutions and realisations via different types of exercises. Although it was the inner me deciding – thanks to coaching with Luiza I was able to frame my thoughts in words and hear myself saying out loud what I wanted deep inside. I still use some of the methods Luiza and I worked with. It helps me to clear my head from clutter and to move on.

I understand that Luiza is now working with transformative coaching. I would love to try this out as well at some point.”

Catherine F., Team Coach and Visual Thinker

„I had the chance to be coached by Luiza and the positive impact of our sessions still resonate in me today. I particularly appreciate Luiza’s way to put her clients at ease thanks to her warm and respectful welcoming attitude. I felt sincerely welcomed to be who I am, unjudged and unconditionally supported to reveal my beautiful inner self, with all my potential and resources. Her trust in my ability to progress was like the rain that waters the drying seed. Luiza is more than just a coach, her shining and soft energy and her continuous recognition and encouragement throughout the sessions gave me the courage to dare undergo the deeper work that is sometimes needed. Some of the seeds are now growing large, many months after the coaching sessions, as that’s the time that I needed.

Everlasting gratitude Luiza!”

Magdalena M., Director of Operations and Strategy

„I felt really stuck in my career. I was working very hard but not really getting anywhere. And to be honest I did not believe in coaching. I rather always felt like I can do everything myself. But as couple of things happened in my life I decided to try and embarked on this journey with Luiza.

Within 10 months from an Administrative Specialist I became a Director of Operations and Strategy! Having her walking with you gives a wind in your sail.

She will keep you focused on your goals and keep you from reverting to your old behaviours and thinking patterns so that you can focus on change/transformation, grow and become the best version of yourself.

I truly recommend working with Luiza!”

Małogrzata W., Director

„Gorąco polecam! Coaching z Luizą to interesująca przygoda, która pozwoliła mi przejść przez trudny okres w moim życiu i naprostować kilka rzeczy.”

Joanna H., Project Assistant

„Luiza accompanied me through the process of aspiring a new job. I was „ready but not ready” for this step:) The coaching sessions with Luiza helped me a lot. She asked me the right questions so that I became 100% sure of my motivation and my decision. Then, thanks to her support, I found the trust in myself, the confidence and the energy needed for action. The result came sooner than expected.

Luiza has a huge knowledge and uses great technics to support people in a process of change. She is very kind, empathetic and attentive, and at the same time process oriented and determined to keep one focused on his/her goals.”

Anna J., Civil servant

„Just a couple of sessions with Luiza allowed me to find more purpose and satisfaction in my work. Luiza supported me in this process in a skillful and compassionate way, encouraging me to uncover my inner wisdom and figure out the repair plan on my own rather than imposing her own solutions. She’s a truly wonderful listener and just hearing her paraphrase my own words was often enough to see new aspects of the situation and possible ways out.”

Now You know about me, tell me more about You and your aspirations